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How it Works

She can work on an on-going project or training basis or at an hourly fee, whichever you are more comfortable with.

She provides on-site production support and training assistance or you can hire her off-site for your design / digital re-touching / photo restoration project.

Do you want to try her out and see if the chemistry is right? She offers a free consultation by phone, e-mail, face to face, to discuss a specific project you need help with.

You don't need to make a huge commitment to get her undivided attention.

For online quotes, please use the simple contact and upload form, you may discuss your requirements (i.e. “remove the person on the right”, or “the main thing I want done is to repair the tear in the middle”) and upload a high resolution jpeg image for an assessment and she will provide you with a free quote.

On-Site Coaching & Support

Her on-site service is designed to help her clients get the most out of their technology, with the most convenient, efficient, and comfortable setting for conducting their digital business — Your own home or business!

Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiast, She’ll work with you to create a work flow tailored to your goals, learning style and experience level, at your own pace, on your own schedule!

She can set up your computer, navigate you through the basics of e-mail, web browsing, transfer your photos, music & other files onto any storage device. And if your computer or printer starts to malfunction, she’ll be right there with you to troubleshoot and answer your questions.

She also provides 1-1 coaching, specifically, covering all aspects of Adobe® Photoshop® from the basics to more advanced retouching and compositing techniques.

Or perhaps you need more advanced assistance...

She will be your behind the scenes production and design partner, who brings a wide range of experience, technical skill, and provides ongoing support and direction. She’ll take your photography to next level by adding to your creativity and marketability.

Her fees range from $75-$100 an hour, depending on the nature of your project.

Off-Site Artistic Layout & Design

She will take the time to get to know you in order to design highly creative & individualized graphic products, that reflects your personality & values.

She can work from your strategy, or she can develop one with your input. She will conceive, design, and deliver production-ready files to your vendor and coordinate with them to make your work shine and ensure quality, accuracy, and turn around time of final products.

Don't know who to print from? Don't worry! She can work with her printing resources to complete your project and save you time and money!

  1. All off-site Artistic Layout and Design include:

  2. A free consultation by phone, e-mail or in person, before starting your design project

  3. 2-3 Custom Design Concepts to be approved by the client

  4. Allowance of up to 3 modifications / revisions to the selected design.

  5. 1 Final artwork for production in a ready-to-use format, and to your third party vendor

Off-Site Photo Retouching & Restoration

Her clients benefit from her industry expertise, personalized attention, and level of detail, she applies to each enhancement, photo restoration, or digital retouching project. She has extensive experience in commercial, beauty, fashion, and high-end portrait photo retouching, but her passion is restoring damaged or old photos. During her free time, she volunteers her services to Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) by digitally restoring photos that were damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

She strictly uses non-destructive high end retouching techniques to achieve a subtle perfection without relying on common ‘blurring’ skin retouching methods which destroy pore-detail and clarity and delivers flawless results, while retaining your natural features.

Feel free to browse her portfolio to see the level of pride and professionalism she applies to every project. This will allow you to judge for yourself the quality of work you can expect, should you decide to place your photograph(s), your precious memories, your trust, with her, in your next photo retouching or restoration project.

Pricing is based upon variable factors such as time, labor and/or printing fees. During the consultation, she will be able to evaluate how much work needs to be done, how many hours it will take to complete, and provide you with an estimate, free of charge. 

This can be discussed by phone, in person, or online. The final cost is negotiated with the client after seeing the image(s) and determining the extent of retouching required. She will begin your project once you approve the quote.

  1. All Photo Retouching & Restoration Services include:

  2. Absolutely no charge to request a quote

  3. A free consultation by phone, e-mail or in person, before starting your design project

  4. Complimentary sharpness, brightness and contrast, color balance adjustments

  5. No hidden fees or taxes!

  1. Minor Photo Restoration

  2. Removal minor stains, dust, or scratches

  3. Repair minor cracks, creases, or tears

  4. Restoration of slight color fading or discoloration

  5.  Moderate Photo Restoration

  6. Enhancement of exposure, color balance & contrast of the whole image or portions

  7. Repair damaged or missing edges

  8. Remove moderate scratches or tears

  9. Repair creases and partially torn photos (with no missing pieces)

  10. Repair or add background

  11. Removal of distracting elements (wires. poles, etc...


  13.   Severe Photo Restoration

  14.  Restoration of severe color discoloration or fading

  15. Reconstruction of missing pieces

  16. Repair severely damaged photos by water or mold

  17. Repair creases and torn photos

  18. Repair or add background

  19. Repair severe stains or photos stuck to glass

  20. Remove or Add People

  21. Colorizing a black and white photo

  22.  Additional Services

  23. Printing (with her resources/vendors)

  24. Image Scanning and Archiving

  25. CD or DVD with your finished images

  1. Minor Photo Restoration

  2. Removal minor stains, dust, or scratches

  3. Repair minor cracks, creases, or tears

  4. Color correct slight color fading or discoloration

  1.  Additional Services

  2. Printing (with her resources/vendors)

  3. Image Scanning and Archiving

  4. CD or DVD with your finished images

  1. Moderate Photo Restoration

  2. Enhancement of exposure, color balance & contrast of the whole image or portions

  3. Repair damaged or missing edges

  4. Remove moderate scratches or tears

  5. Repair creases and partially torn photos (with no missing pieces)

  6. Repair background

  7. Removal of distracting elements (wires. poles, etc...

  1.  Severe Photo Restoration

  2. Restore Severe Color Discoloration / Fading

  3. Reconstruction of Missing Parts

  4. Repair Photos Damaged By Water or Mold

  5. Repair Major Creases and Torn Photos

  6. Reconstruct or Replace a Background

  7. Remove or Add People

  8. Colorizing your photo

  9. Other Difficult Requests

  1. Advanced Retouching

  2. Head Swap or Background Swap

  3. Accentuate Eyes and Hair, etc

  4. Body Shaping (Diminish / Accentuate Features)

  5. Skin Smoothing

  6. Color correction of skin tone

  7. Removal of Braces

  8. Custom Retouching (please specify)

  1. Basic Portrait Retouching

  2. Removal of blemishes, lines, circles under eyes, red-eye, etc

  3. Whiten teeth and eyes

  4. Stray hair Removal (Over face only)

  5. Soften Wrinkled Clothing

  6. Removal Glare from Glasses

  7. Tone down Facial Shine

  1. Graphic Design for Print & Web

  2. Brochures, Booklets, Catalogues

  3. Business Cards, Rack Cards,  Postcards

  4. Posters, Flyers, Signs

  5. Greeting Cards & Invitations

  6. Advertising / Marketing Products

  7. Photo Albums & Books (Design & Editing)

  8. Optimization for Web Content

  9. E-books

  10. Custom Designs / Requests (Please Specify)

  1. Her services Include, but are not limited to the Following:

  2. PC & Mac Computer Setup & Navigation

  3. Transfer Files from Old Computers

  4. Web Browser Basics, E-mail, Mac Training

  5. Technical Support of Apple products

  6. Basic Printer & PC Troubleshooting

  7. Photoshop 1-1 Coaching

  8. Full Range of Creative & Production Services for Printed & Online Published Communications. (Management of all Strategic, Operational, and Administrative Functions, through all phases of development)





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